“I appreciate your help and how easy you are to talk to! This process seemed overwhelming at first. You really helped me breeze through this. Thanks!”

- G.D.

"Lynzee is the BEST Settlement planner"

- M.H.

"Thank you so much for all your help. You were truly a blessing to work with."

- V.T.

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I offer personalized settlement planning to meet my clients needs, maximizing their settlement options.

Settlement process

Streamlining the process for attorneys and clients, makes it easier for clients to move forward towards a brighter future.

Personalized Attention
to Your Specific Case

Rooted in San Antonio, I am available to meet my clients and work with them face to face for settlement planning.

San Antonio
Settlement Planning

I provide holistic and thoughtful settlement planning that provides a roadmap for clients’ short and long term goals while taking the heavy lifting off of the attorneys’ shoulders.

I work side by side with clients throughout the process to make sure that they feel comfortable with their settlement plan and hopeful for their future.

My goal is also to account for any government benefits that clients receive and hope to maintain. Comprehensive services for clients might also include:

  • Trust Services
  • MSAs
  • Lien Resolution
  • Government Benefit Preservation
  • Qualified Settlement Funds

My settlement plans are comprehensive, personalized, and thoughtful. Each client’s story is unique and their needs matter.

My goal is to ensure that:

  1. Clients take advantage of the special options available to them before a settlement is finalized.
  2. Clients have a clear and positive path forward after their settlement.
  3. Clients preserve their settlement funds and government benefits for as long as they need them.
  4. Attorneys can rely on me to do the heavy lifting of providing all of the viable options for their clients along with enlisting the help of other experts for complex cases.

Settlement planning is personal.

The choices that clients make for themselves and on behalf of their child(ren) are based upon their short and long term health and personal needs and their goals and vision for their future.

When I meet with clients, I know that they have experienced pain, trauma, and sometimes, irreversible loss. Operating with a deep sense of compassion is essential, and I work to ensure that my clients feel as though their settlement proceeds are being used in the most beneficial way possible.

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The settlement planning options that I provide clients are safe, growth-oriented options that allow clients to maximize their settlement funds while knowing that they can rely upon these funds for as long as they choose.

Some Of The Most Common Reasons Why Claimants And Attorneys Choose To Structure Their Settlement Funds Include:

  • Parents and guardians who want to know that their children have money for college and a solid financial foundation to invest in themselves as young adults
  • Clients want to know that they have supplemental retirement income guaranteed
  • Individuals and families who want to set aside funds for property taxes and/or those large monthly expenses
  • Attorneys who choose to structure their fees in order to defer their tax burden while knowing that they’ll have a guaranteed stream of income in the future
  • Clients who use a structured settlement to fund trusts that allow them to preserve their government benefits

I find the best solutions for my clients needs and goals, so they feel supported and cared for as they plan for a brighter future.